🔥 The floor is LAVA
🔥 The floor is LAVA
🔥 The floor is LAVA
🔥 The floor is LAVA
🔥 The floor is LAVA
🔥 The floor is LAVA

🔥 The floor is LAVA

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Sometimes the struggle is real. Next time you're the in "I can't even" stage .. add more red lipstick and start playing that game where the floor is lava. Sometimes not getting out of bed is the only way to survive. 

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🔥🔥 These glasses are v hot lava. #hotterthanpizzarolls

Our eye wear: We believe in the freedom to see. Your purchase provides the gift of vision and quality eye health to people worldwide. Providing glasses and eyecare transforms lives, communities, and generations. And that's certainly Ravishing. ❤️️

Be dazzling, Be radiant, and Be ravishing.

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Gender: Women

Color: Rose Gold with Powdered Pink
Lenses Material: Thin and Light weight, yet Strong and Shatter resistant, and 10X stronger than glass or plastic. Safe for volcanic eruptions.
Lenses Optics: You'll love it more than your bathroom mirror.  

100% UV Protection (Anti-UV rated UV400+) Reflects all damaging rays.
Lens Height: 52mm
Lens Width: 56mm